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Girl at Playground


Six Weeks to Twelve Months

Our infant classroom maintains a child/staff ratio of no more than four infants to one Early Childhood Specialist. In our thirty-plus years of experience, we believe this small ratio allows for the individual infant's needs to be met through the following:

  • providing a safe environment with a wide range of activities and experiences

  • observation/assessment through daily documentation

  • providing feedback to parents about developmental growth and milestones

  • and offering a variety of interactive experiences such as movement, music, literacy, and outdoor play.

Boy at Playground


Twelve Months to Two Years

The Toddler Classroom at The Children's White House maintains a child/staff ratio of five toddlers to one Early Childhood Specialist. Continuing to build on our toddler program, we stimulate their senses through interactions with toys and materials. To encourage creativity, we rotate toys and materials often enough to enhance curiosity. 

Our Specialist creates a unique style of interacting with each child's schedule, temperament, and characteristics to ensure that their individual needs are being met daily.

Kids at Playground


Twenty-Four Months to Thirty-Six Months

The Two Year Old Classroom at The Children's White House maintains a child/staff ratio of five children per one Early Childhood Specialist. At this stage of the child's development, we are sure to provide predictable routines and schedules for their emotional growth and stability. We establish and carry out reasonable limits in this classroom by using praise and encouragement effectively. The specialist also provides regular and outdoor experiences in our naturally shaded playground that assures children to have frequent liberties for success.

Our planned, monthly curriculum includes a wide range of themes that cater to the interests and curiosities of a young learner. At this age, we feel that problem solving, building social relationships, expanding sensory development, and physical development all play an important role in the child's overall advancement.

Girl at Playground


Three, Four & Five Year Olds

At this preschool age, our main goals are to help your child adjust to school, make new friends, learn to communicate with friends and teachers, problem solve, explore roles, and express their feelings with friends and teachers.​

All of these are accomplished by maintaining a child/staff ratio of ten children per one Early Childhood Specialist. Because of our appropriate classroom environment, we are able to provide powerful purpose and meaning to your child's learning in preparation for kindergarten.

Our planned curriculum for this age group is a professionally designed curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

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